Fresh Dining.

Spring ready.

One of my favorite things to do is decorate the dining room. I think this comes from spending so much time at my grandma’s house growing up. Every holiday or special occasion called for the nice China, fancy tablecloths, elaborate home cooked meals, and everyone enjoying each other’s company at the large table. Her dining table was made for eight but we always shimmied in as many chairs as possible, each with a formal place setting. I miss that. I really enjoy the opportunity to entertain family and friends and the dining room is often the gathering place.

Spring fever has set in hard lately. The days are getting a smidge longer, the trees are beginning to bud, and the air is changing (almost window-open worthy). I felt obligated to do my part in welcoming the change of seasons and decided to redecorate the dining room this weekend.

I really didn’t start with a specific plan in mind but ended up with a fresh green pallet that I’m loving. A mix of both old and new bunnies and eggs with a few plants I bought at a local nursery, and ta-da! SPRING ready! The dishes and glassware are a hodgepodge of different sets I already had in the cabinet.

A mix of earthy tones and textures with dainty pinks and glassware.

As I’m chasing the kids through the house and going about our daily routines, I find that it catches my eye each time I walk by. My heart smiles when I see it catch Sophia’s eye too. Her curiosity and imagination got the best of her and before long, she was seated at the table pretending to have tea with her friends. I’m excited for the next family gathering, which is only weeks away when we celebrate Mary’s 2nd birthday. Conversation, togetherness, fresh air and new beginnings. I’m ready to dine and oh, how I’m ready for spring!

8 thoughts on “Fresh Dining.

  1. You have a great talent for story telling, Savanna and a good photographic eye. I love your table decorations and I miss the meals at Grandma Alice’s table.

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  2. That dining room table and hutch was previously owned by Alice’s mother, Mary Schussler. When Grandma married Joe Kloer and moved to Montrose she had room for a dining table and purchased it then. The adults ate at that table and we kids went into Grandma’s bedroom and ate there with some of us sitting on her bed! She lived in the house directly East of St. Mary’s School.

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  3. You are truly amazing Savannah. I love reading this and it brought back so many memories of my family gatherings that I miss. You are so talented

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