Fresh Dining.

One of my favorite things to do is decorate the dining room. I think this comes from spending so much time at my grandma’s house growing up. Every holiday or special occasion called for the nice China, fancy tablecloths, elaborate home cooked meals, and everyone enjoying each other’s company at the large table. Her dining table was made for eight but we always shimmied in as many chairs as possible, each with a formal place setting. I miss that. I really enjoy the opportunity to entertain family and friends and the dining room is often the gathering place. Spring fever … Continue reading Fresh Dining.


Hi, I’m Savanna! I’m a momma of four young kiddos and the wife of a busy National Guardsman. I also work full time as a nursing director of multiple departments at a local hospital. As you can imagine, I don’t get a lot of time for myself and this blog is meant to be my outlet. Something for me. A place to share stories about mothering, military life, country living, family travels, our home, and many things in between. Continue reading Hello.